Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Meet Darrell

If you're on Pinterest or if you check out sites like Apartment Therapy, you've probably noticed the trend of spray painting random crap to make it interesting.

I spray painted something pretty random and craptastic.

Remember Darrell?

My new $5 friend?

Well he met a can of $5 Krylon spray paint in Bahama Sea (probably one of my favourite colours ever) and now he looks like this...

Not bad, right?

I started out by roughing him up a bit with some wadded up tin foil since I didn't have any steel wool.  The roughing up was all consensual though.  Then wiped him down with vinegar and water.  This time I actually did things the right way and used a spray primer first, then hit him with the Bahama Sea.

Looking at it now, I probably should have filled that crack beforehand, but I didn't notice it before.  Plus, I was kind of excited to get him painted.

Sorry about the crappy pictures - I took them at like 10:30 in my bathroom so I could get the post up for today.  He's not going to live in the bathroom, but I already had a hook there, so I just went with it.  Actually he won't live in the bathroom because I want to paint it basically that same colour.  Anyway, sorry for the crappy pictures, but I have a crappy camera.  One day I'll get a better camera and start being a pretentious hipster who takes artsy pictures of their freshly folded laundry and you'll all wish I had my crappy camera back.

Anyway, that's Darrell.  I loves him.  What do you think?


Eleven's Ink said...

oh this reminds me of the simpsons: Daaaaarreeelllll. lol. Love it wow I want to start spray-painting everything, very vintag-y 1950's! love it!

Dan Brown said...

This would look good beside a framed copy of Sweet Tooth No. 1.

ashlie said...

Good idea, Dan! I think I happen to have one of those! I should have named him Gus!